XRP a Must-Have in Your Crypto Portfolio: Influencer Ben Armstrong

6. April 2023 Aus Von admin


  • In a recent video, well-known crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong shared his thoughts on the XRP Army, Ripple’s lawsuit against the SEC, and portfolio advice.
  • Ben recognizes the importance of the XRP Army in supporting XRP and called on individuals to create something unique for display on Bitboy Crypto.
  • He believes that Gary Gensler may not settle Ripple’s case easily as it could disrupt his plan to classify every cryptocurrency as a security. He suggests adding Cardano (ADA) and XRP to a solid portfolio.

The Power of The XRP Army

Well-known crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong recently spoke about the power of the XRP Army in supporting the XRP project. He expressed admiration for its members saying he loves them more than he loves supporting XRP itself. Ben believes that without this community, this project would never have gained traction. To recognize their efforts, Ben invited creative individuals to come up with something special related to XRP which can be placed permanently on the Bitboy Crypto set.

Ripple V. SEC Lawsuit

Ben also discussed Ripple’s ongoing lawsuit with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He thinks that while a settlement could be reached soon, it is unlikely that Chairman Gary Gensler will make things easier by settling due to his strategy of classifying all cryptocurrencies as securities. If however, Ripple is found not to be a security on secondary markets then it could impact significantly on other cases like TRON and EOS which people initially thought would have problems with SEC regulations.

Crypto Portfolio Advice

Lastly, Ben shared some portfolio advice suggesting investors should have Bitcoin and Ethereum in their portfolios but should also consider adding Cardano (ADA) due to its potential upside growth. He also recommended including XRP in every investor’s portfolio as it has high upside potential given its current market position.


In conclusion, Ben Armstrong acknowledged the power of the XRP Army in driving success for this crypto project; he gave an overview of how Ripple’s case against SEC might pan out; finally he suggested investors should include ADA and especially XRP in their portfolios because of its great upside potential.