Flixxo: Streaming platform that offers you rewards for use

22. August 2020 Aus Von admin


A streaming platform, which could dethrone Netflix, has been born in the crypto industry, and is called Flixxo. Plus, as if that weren’t enough, it offers you rewards in Flixx, its native crypto currency. You won’t believe it!

Flixxo: The birth of a new concept
Like most innovations, Flixxo was born out of concern and observation of the needs of people, especially the youngest.

The way we consume content has changed a lot over the years, even, several studies today have found that we consume content at a speed never seen before.

„Today I see people watching Netflix series on a subway ride and I know that that series was meant to be watched on a big TV, lying on a couch. Something doesn’t fit,“ Flixxo CEO Adrian Garelik told the media.

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What is it?
In simple words, „Flixxo is a decentralized video distribution platform based on Blockchain technology“, explains their website.

Also, a very interesting detail is that it is a development of Argentine origin.

„We started at home, in Argentina, with content aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience and original productions that aim to reach a segmented target – from 14 to 24 years old, extending to 34 – mostly native digital users, used to mobile consumption, social networks,“ said a statement in Medium.

In this sense, Flixxo is born as an alternative to what is experienced today in the entertainment industry: centralization. According to its team, such centralization affects the production, distribution, compensation and monetization of content.

Therefore, „beyond a streaming platform, we are building a collaborative economy,“ said the CEO in an interview with the media.

Therefore, Flixxo works as a person-to-person exchange, there is no central server. And on this platform, the Flixx token plays a very important role.